Middle Class Man With An Antisemitism Blindspot Beats Other Middle Class Man With A Sexism Blindspot To Lead Disunited Collective

As has largely been expected over the last few weeks Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected to the Labour Party leadership, beating lone contender Owen Smith by 313,209 to 193,229, after a long and protracted leadership campaign that has been dogged with bad media stories and bitter arguments. Despite hopes that this will…

Emily Thornberry Caught In Another Media Dust-Up, This Time Claims Being Asked To Identify Foreign Counterparts Is Sexist

Emily Thornberry, the current Shadow Foreign Secretary has once again found herself on the wrong end of an embarrassing media story. The MP for Islington South and Finsbury has today caused controversy by deciding to label a Sky News presenter as ‘sexist’ for asking her to name the French Foreign minister after…

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